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Dive into a world of feeling

"I was fascinated by the wonderful mixture between classical & folk music.       

The flow of the playing is really magical and opens the heart."  Ehud Banai  

Reginiano is an Israeli award winning musician.

He's music combines rich melodies and harmonies, acoustic arrangements and dynamic recordings,

creating an intimate and emotional experience.

The lyrics, compositions and arrangements are the work

of Reginiano, who plays different instruments, sings and works with various performers.

In 2010 his first album My Unpolished Diamond was released and played on radio stations around the world.

In the same year he toured with an ensemble of 9 players

and a dancer.

Reginiano's second album Alina (published in 2012) is a concept album with 5 chapters, combining Folk, Tango & Classical music.


In 2013 Reginiano won Rimon's college compositors contest with the piece- "Thinking of Chopin".

In 2014 he published the animation video "Ein Od Milvado"-

A satire about human society, that acts like a herd,

without any self-thinking.


In 2015 he wrote music and worked with the Acapella choir- Vocalocity.


In 2016 Reginiano released the album Black n Grey.

The album was supported by Acum association and the song "Revenge" won MyPart's pilot as a song for Thom Yorke.

Reginiano released 4 singles -Follow the Sun (2019), Home Again (2020), Love Song for the Road (2021), Turning Dark (2022) winning multiple international awards.

Since 2016 Reginiano is performing with his Project, creating different themes in his concerts- 
intimate, spiritual, world music celebration and masterclasses.



"After working with many different singers

& players in my album recordings,

I had to reduce the team for the live concerts,

so I picked 5 excellent musicians and gained

this wonderful group- Reginiano Project."



Reut Levi - Vocal

Eyal Reginiano - Guitar & Vocal

Amit Kupererd - Piano

Jonathan Logger - Violin

Gil Goldin - Contrabass

Idan Sasson - Drums

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